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Tachyon Translation and Language Services - 'Bringing worlds together ... and businesses too!'


Ananthalakshmi's web page

To communicate with each other is a basic human instinct. It is from this instinct that languages evolved within early human settlements confined to the same geography. However, in this age of globalization, businesses need to reach out to potential customers or partners from various geographies in order to flourish. It is no wonder then that the term communication has come to mean much more — inclusion of people not only from one but many different cultures, sensibilities and languages.

A business house thus needs to speak the language of the people with whom it is partnering. A skillful translator, being sensitive to cultural differences, can bring businesses and people together, bridge opposites, and help businesses make their presence felt in countries of different cultures.

About me:

I am a physics master’s degree holder and I also possess a level 6 certificate in German. I have worked for various organizations as language editor/translator. Needless to say, I have a rich and varied experience in terms of language editing and translation.

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