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Tachyon Translation and Language Services - 'Bringing worlds together ... and businesses too!'




Translation services

My charges vary from project to project based on the complexity and content. The charges are generally based on the word count in the source document. My translation rates for simple to medium complex texts are given below.

Editing/other language services

Though in this case also the rates differ for individual projects, the charges are calculated on a per-page basis.

If you need to know the rates for a specific project, please send a sample, details like the final format in which you require the document, etc. to


GE>TA 0.10 USD
EN>TA 0.05 USD
TA>EN 0.05 USD
TA>GE 0.10 USD

my mail box

Or else you can fill up the form below and send it to me

Name of your organization
Source language
Target language
No of words in source document
Subject matter (software, finance, etc.)
Final file format
Your email ID
Your phone no

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